This is an article referred to in a letter on February 21, 1945, where Grandpa Knowlton says: “Be sure to read Feb 3 issue Sat Eve Post… article on “The Correspondents”… which will give you a wonderful picture of what goes on out here, better than any description I could give you.” 

This article was kindly located and provided by Romaine Honey, Librarian, Local History & Genealogy Program Development of the Ottawa Public Library.

I have not tried to use OCR on it, but the PDF viewer controls at the bottom of the frame will allow you to zoom it to a more readable size, and you can click on it and drag it to where you can read it better.

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February 4, 1945, 4 pages

February 9/10, 1945, 4 pages

February 12, 1945, 5 pages, handwritten

February 15, 1945, 2 pages

February 18, 1945, 2 pages

February 21, 1945, 2 pages

This letter contains developments with regard to the John Lardner article: apparently its appearance in the New Yorker “blew the roof off”.  Grandpa Knowlton speculates that Stan the Doughnut man will get fired.  But I doubt it.

“As soon as you get this please airmail me one copy of the Feb 15 issue of the New Yorker… it contains the story… by John Lardner, entitled Honolulu News Letter.. kid, by the story, mean the one I have been stewing about ever since I have been over here.  It may give you some idea of what has been going on in these parts.. because John is accredited he could file it, without asking any one here, and now there is hell to pay.  I saw Charlie Plumb today, and he says the roof is clear off in area office… Stan is still down under somewhere.. but I expect he will be dismissed when he returns… if he is foolish enough to return.  Anyway, it is (have not seen it but have heard plenty) all true, and there is much, much more.”

See also John Lardner article

February 25, 1945, 2 pages

February 26, 1945, 2 pages

Fall-out from New Yorker article continues, Charlie Plumb gets drunk as a boiled owl, then leaves for ‘down under’.

February 28,  1945, 2 pages

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