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July 9, 1945, 3 pages

July 10, 1945, 3 pages

July 11, 1945, 3 pages, to Barbara (my mother)

“Stan the donut man, group leader on trip over here or rather to Oahu, fired”

“Have my communications office “organized” to the point where I have very little to do.. but I find that if I don’t stay right in the tent and watch over my GIs they are inclined to “goof off” as the soldiers say.. go for a haircut, or to the dispensary, or somewhere else.. anything is better than working for any GI, but they are, I must admit, pretty damn good boys.”

“ever other day or so we go up the pike for a swim in the China Sea.. the other evening we struck it at low tide and it was fun to watch the marine life in the water.. the strangest tropical fish.  Some are transparent, some are beautiful bright colors.. one was orange with a blue nose.. Puritan no doubt.  We use diving masks to see in the clear salty water.”

July 14, 1945, 6 pages

July 18, 1945, 4 pages

July 21, 1945, 5 pages

July 26, 1945, 5 pages

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