The film “Since Pearl Harbor” may have been one inspiration for grandpa Knowlton to join the Red Cross.  It is hard to imagine that the same country where the Junior Red Cross was busy in 1943, making garments for refugee children, will now send existing documented refugees to certain death in the country they thought they had escaped.  Maybe World War Two didn’t teach us enough.

Since Pearl Harbor (1943)

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  1. I’m impressed, Chris. You are doing what I always said that’ I would do: write down what I remembered of my parents, grandparents, and any relatives that I can still remember the names of. It is an awesome idea: a legacy for all those that come after to treasure.

    As of yet, I haven’t gotten a Round Tuit.

  2. This is really interesting to read, I had no idea of these incidents happening within the Sullivan family. Henry and Eloise eh…
    Great looking page by the way, dad!

    1. Author

      Hi John. Thanks. It was not strictly the “Sullivan family” until 7 years later when my parents married, but you can see where your musical and fine art gifts came from, as well as any love of writing you may have. My father had some music and literature abilities in him too, so you have that influence as well.

      Almost finished all these letters!

  3. John,

    Just wanted to let you know that your Uncle Henry K. passed away peacefully at home last Sunday, October 6 at 7:50 pm. 3 of his children were with him – Cindy, Ron and Lorraine. He is at peace.

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